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1.Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Sugar Plants, Power Plants, Distillery, Etc., deals with the following

  • Introduction and the general trend in the industry.
  • Capability of the management to execute the project.
  • Details of the cane potential in the command area.
  • Concept of the project and technology proposed.
  • Discussing with Your Executives to decide the macro level Plant configuration and Technical specification.
  • Detailed Technical specification of the Plant & Machineries.
  • Preparing the Plant Block Layout.
  • Details of the material balance in the Plant especially with respect to
    • Fuel.
    • Steam.
    • Power.
    • Water etc.
  • Flow chart of the various processes during season & off-season operations.
  • Project cost estimate considering the trend in the industry and the budgetary offers received
  • Preparing the project schedule.
  • Water management
  • Manpower Assessment and Training
  • Financial Analysis.
  • Recommendation.
  • Consultant Profile.
  • Drawings.

2. Site Selection:

Selection of site for setting up the Sugar & Power Plants taking into consideration of various aspects like: -

  • Area required for the proposed and future expansion.
  • Condition of Soils.
  • Strata, Vasthu Sasthra, Climatic Conditions.
  • Wind Directions, Proximity to Cane fields.
  • Approach roads, rails, power, water, telecommunication facilities & Electricity Board Substation.

3. Feasibility study for cane availability deals with the following.

  • Introduction
  • Project Site Location
  • Site Development
  • Agriculture
  • Sugarcane
  • Area of Operation
  • Present area under Sugar cane
  • Varieties
  • Productivity
  • Irrigation
  • Canal
  • IP Sets
  • Soils
  • Climatic Factors
  • Solar Energy & Sugar Cane Productivity
  • Energy Crop
  • Geographical Location & Productivity of Sugar Cane
  • Temperatures
  • Wind Velocity
  • Pan Evaporation
  • Sunshine
  • Rainfall – Totals & Distribution
  • Relative Humidity
  • Sugar Cane Development Programme
  • Main objectives
  • Plant Protection Measures
  • Cost Reduction
  • Conclusions

4. Engineering Services

  • Discussion with client and their Engineers about selection of technology for the Sugar and Co-generation Plant.
  • Preparation of factory layout.
  • Preparation of process flow diagram.
  • Preparation of Steam Balance.
  • Preparation of Power Balance.
  • Preparation of details for TG set and Boilers.
  • Preparation of Cold Water Cycle.
  • Preparation of Condensate cycle.
  • Preparation of Equipment specifications.
  • Preparation of Equipment Layout.
  • Discussion with client about the philosophy of equipment purchase.
  • Preparation of Two part tender documents for floating enquiries for the supply of equipments. (Technical & Commercial)
  • Evaluation of technical bid of the tenders received from suppliers and recommending.
  • Preparation of specification for calling Erection & Commissioning Contractors and short listing of Erection Contractors.
  • Co-ordination with civil architects / civil contractors.
  • Assisting in obtaining clearance from various statutory authorities.
  • Help the management in recruitment of staff & labour and train them for efficient operation of the plant.

5. Project Management

  • Approval of drawings.
  • Preparation of project Completion Schedule for supply, erection and commissioning.
  • Periodical review of the progress of equipment supplies.
  • Carrying out inspection of equipment at Supplier’s work.
  • Co–ordination of the commissioning of the plant.
  • Trouble shooting till performance guarantee.
  • Assisting the management for providing the technical support to achieve the guaranteed performance.
  • Approved Energy Auditors (Approved by TNEB) for Industrial & Commercial establishments.
  • Feasibility study for revamping & re-commissioning of sick sugar plant.